Why I chose to run for a Council seat instead of the Mayoral seat

I considered three options over the summer: Running for mayor, running for council, not running at all.

In the end, I’ve decided to run for Council.

I’m honoured so many of you have pushed for me to go for the big chair, and the only reason I am announcing early is to let those who wanted me to be mayor to know ahead of time.

Three reasons I am not going for mayor:

1/ For me to be mayor I’d want it to be the only thing that I do. Two to three days in the office, etc. That is what residents deserve. I’m not able to do that yet at this stage. A couple of years – perhaps.

2/ I enjoy being the councillor on the sideline that can call a “turd a turd” when the need arises. You lose some of that as mayor – quite a bit in my opinion. I enjoy my role of being able to ask the tough questions when the tough questions need asking.

3/ With now only three of us returning for another term, a two-way mayor race will mean we lose one or more of the three. New blood is great on Council, and I look forward to it. BUT we need some experience to be able to quickly bring newcomers up to speed on where we are so we can move together on where we need to be.

In closing, I love this work and have reduced my own hours at my work to be able to serve you more.

Stephen Dafoe