What I said and what I did No. 3 – Traffic and Public Safety

In reviewing my 2013 candidate package, I made some statements that I think are worth recapping to see how my record held up to what I thought as a candidate.

Traffic and Public Safety

If photo radar is to stay, let’s make sure more revenues go back into traffic and pedestrian safety than is currently allotted to the program, and use additional revenues to fund other general public safety initiatives.

I am incredibly proud of the work I did on this love-it-or-hate-it aspect of traffic enforcement.

When Council had the opportunity to amend the photo radar policy, I put forward a motion that made it so all monies went towards traffic, pedestrian or public safety.

Since that time we have been able to fund street lights on Cardiff Road from South Glens to 100 Street, which should be installed soon. Additionally, this revenue was used for the bike lane along 100 Street.

If photo radar is to stay, let’s have a discussion on whether Morinville wants the contractor hiding or in plain sight. The province may say hiding is OK, but perhaps Morinvillians want a higher ethical standard.

This is an argument we were not able to win, although it did come up a number of times. What we were able to accomplish via one of my further amendments was to limit the amount of time the contractor can spend in any one area to 15% of their total time.

Let’s keep the pressure on the province on finding a solution for Cardiff Corner. If an overpass is off the map due to funding, inability to expropriate lands, and long-term provincial plans, let’s get a workable alternative going from the options Council, Administration and Alberta Transportation have discussed.

This one was resolved by the province early into our Council term before we had the opportunity to do much. The lights at Cardiff Road and Highway 2 have worked well for four years, but alleviating traffic congestion at 100 Street and Cardiff Road entrance will be something the next Council will have to address.

Let’s get more lights in the dark corners of Morinville. While the community is well lit in many areas, some areas are nearly void of light. 99 Avenue between the Arena and 103 Street and 99 Avenue between 100 Street and 99 Street, near Rotary Park, are nearly pitch black at night.

We’ve been able to illuminate our Fish and Game Pond trail and the trail from it to 100 Street. We’ve approved lights for Cardiff Road from South Glens to 100 Street, and recently Morinville received brighter lighting from Fortis Alberta.

Let’s have the Town assist our schools in their fight against bullying by having the Town create and act on an anti-bullying policy within the Town organization.

This is something that was not accomplished during the term, but I did actively support anti-bullying initiatives each year during pink shirt day and other initiatives.

Let’s make sure we are doing all we can to support our organizations that deal with safety and the community’s wellbeing: Victim’s Services, The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation, Citizens On Patrol, etc.

I am proud of tabling a request to create a Community Sevices Advisory Board, which is now up and running with community members and two members of Council on board.

Council and Administration have also worked together to provide land for the Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation and we have assisted Victim Services on an ongoing basis.