What I said and what I did No. 1

In reviewing my 2013 candidate package, I made some statements that I think are worth recapping to see how my record held up to what I thought as a candidate.

Council needs to put the service back in public service

I think collectively, we did just that. Speaking only for myself, I believed then and now that there is only one reason to run, and that is to serve your community. I believe I’ve worked hard the past four years serving Morinville residents both on Council and the various boards and committees I was appointed to.

Council needs to remember every dollar of budgetary spending is the spending of residents’ hard-earned tax dollars.

From the beginning, I have viewed every $2,000 spent as someone in my neighbourhood’s tax bill. I tried to always frame decisions on that basis. Could I knock on my neighbour’s door and tell them I spent their taxes on the item we voted on.

Council needs to use common sense and commitment to do right by the residents and ratepayers.

Over the past four years, I have a 100% attendance record – not just at Council meetings, but also Committee of the Whole meetings, budget and policy meetings and strategic planning meetings.

I’ve used an objective approach and common sense in making decisions for you.

Council needs to do a better job of communicating with residents on its and the Town’s activities and programming.

Communication with residents is something I’m proud of. I’ve used chats in grocery stores and posts on social media to inform residents and answer questions.

As a council, we have opened our doors on almost all meetings, provided open mics at events, and increased awareness through streaming our meetings.

Council needs to get back to making timely decisions based on the best information available at the time decisions are to be made. The constant deferring of decisions in deference to more research and consultations is inefficient and costly.

Big ticket items like finding a suitable school site or planning, funding and building a rec centre can take a long time – and we certainly took a long time on those items for a variety of reasons both or our own design and beyond our control.

But I am proud that we were decisive on most of what was before us, making the best decision with available information, and perhaps opening policies at a later date for revision as new info and situations developed.

As the campaign unfolds, I’ll have more look backs at my record as your representative on Council these past four years.