Campaign Videos

We’d like to thank Smith Music and for allowing us to use original music in our videos.

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Photo Radar – What Have You Done About That?

I am particularly proud of the research, consultation, and amendments I’ve put forward on the Town’s photo enforcement policy. Those amendments have resulted in:

1/ All revenues must now be used for traffic, pedestrian and public safety.

2/ Notwithstanding school and playground zones, contractors can now spend a maximum of 15% of their time in any one location in any given month.

3/ The next Council must have a conversation on keeping, getting rid of our bringing photo enforcement in-house before the contract is renewed in approximately 16 months.

No Show = No Pay

One of the motions I am proud of having passed relates to Council pay. Over the past four years, I am proud of my 100% attendance record, not only at Council meetings, but Committee of the Whole, administrative, budget and planning meetings.

I believe attendance at these meetings is key to making good decisions, and my motion will now see councillors docked from their base pay for missed meetings.

No show = No pay. You do not get paid for missing work, why should we.

My promise to Morinville

Christopher Walken Endorsement … sort of

We couldn’t get the real Christopher Walken to endorse the campaign – largely because he has no idea who Stephen Dafoe is – but we were able to get the next best thing.

Won’t you please re-elect Stephen Dafoe?

He’s cute like a puppy and needs your vote.

It’s been a pleasure to serve you

The past four years have been rewarding listening to you, celebrating with you, and working for you. Let’s do another four years.