The Issues

As the election unfolds, I’ll offer a series of thoughts and information on the issues before our community over the next four years.


Above is my platform and thoughts in brief.


The Issues: 1 – City, Town or Something Else?

With Morinville’s population nearing the magic 10,000 number, the next Council will be faced with a full discussion on whether Morinville should become a city. As Councillor, I requested detailed information from Administration to inform ourselves as well as the next Council on this topic.

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Recreation Centre and Parks

Recreation facilities in the community continue to be an important priority as we grow. The above article reflects where I stood four years ago, what we did over the last four years, and some thought and facts on where we need to go.

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Like many papers, Morinville News asked a series of questions to candidates. One of them, published Sept. 26, was as follows:

Q: If you had to select one single issue as the major issue the Morinville’s Council will face within the next four years, what would that issue be? Why is this the major issue and what does the Town need to do about it?

There are a number of issues facing the next Council – some obvious like city or town status, or managing the construction and operation of a multi-million rec centre, but some are less so. Here was my reply.

Running a town is not easy, so it is difficult to isolate one single issue. But as you’ve asked for one single issue, I’d suggest it is hiring the right person to mentor under and replace Andy Isbister, the Town’s CAO.

Andy has been the right man for the job and Council has really moved forward on several items since he has been at the helm.

With his retirement this coming spring, it is crucial for the next Council to get the right person for the Administrative role, particularly given our continued growth and the need to manage it, a multi-million recreation facility on the build, and all of the other high-priority items before us as a community.

Councillors get together on a regular basis to make decisions – however, gathering the information on which those decisions are made and putting the decisions into results falls to one person – THE CAO. If Council hires the wrong person for the job, moving forward on important priorities can take far too long.

We need to preserve the momentum, and this is why current Council moved forward with hiring a firm to start recruiting a replacement for our CAO. That new town manager will have three months to train under our current CAO to learn what is on the table.

4 – Photo Radar – What have you done about that?

I am particularly proud of the research, consultation, and amendments I’ve put forward on the Town’s photo enforcement policy. Those amendments have resulted in:

1/ All revenues must now be used for traffic, pedestrian and public safety.

2/ Notwithstanding school and playground zones, contractors can now spend a maximum of 15% of their time in any one location in any given month.

3/ The next Council must have a conversation on keeping, getting rid of our bringing photo enforcement in-house before the contract is renewed in approximately 16 months.