As the campaign unfolds, we will be posting video and text endorsements from residents and supporters.

I am incredibly grateful for the support.

DC Transmissions and Auto Repair

Thomas Kirsop

Linda and Cliff

Dale & Shirley Baumgartner

Hi Stephen,

We are really pleased you will be running for council again and you certainly will have our vote. We really appreciate your common sense approach, your dedication, and the great work that you have done for the citizens of the town of Morinville and we really look forward to having you serve another term! Great Job!

Dale & Shirley Baumgartner

Greg Fraser Endorsement

Willow Sampson Endorsement

Sherry Sampson shared this with us today.

“Picked Willow up off the bus and Willow asked about the sign on our lawn. I read it to her and tried to explain what it meant. She asked if he was a nice guy and I said yes. So she stood and thought for a bit, and said, “I like him, too, mommy. Mommy take a picture of me. Lol.. Even the 5-year-old approves this message!!”

Marjorie Kirsop Endorsement

Paul Smith Endorsement

Matt Baty Endorsement

Joann Deveau Endorsement

Jaaki Chatry Endorsement

Christopher Walken Endorsement?