Door steps and front yards – what I’m hearing so far

Below are some Campaign wrap-ups from my Facebook page. These are thoughts about what I’ve heard putting up signs and knocking on doors, stuff going on around town, and other tidbits of information.


CONFUSION AT THE DOOR – With a municipal election running alongside a Conservative Party of Canada candidate race, the United Conservative Party Leadership race and a federal by-election for Sturgeon River Parkland, some people at the door have found it a little confusing.
Our election is Oct. 16 at the cultural centre. Advance polls are Oct. 4 and 14 at Town Hall.
You do NOT need to be a member of any party to vote for council – just a resident of Morinville.

SOUTH GLENS – A lack of park amenities came up tonight for children and teens, along with other South Glens concerns.

I had the pleasure of talking to one young man about his difficulties in accessing things to do. Appreciated his input, and was able to fill some people in about our new frisbee golf course in the park behind Circle K and the High School. That launches Wednesday night.
RINKS AND REC – Some good conversation tonight on the recreation centre as I’ve had for the past week. Pleased that so many people understand the limitations we have on building it all at once.

More than once, people wanted to be sure the facility would be designed to accommodate more.

IT WILL. The footprint will be laid out for a full facility.

I look forward to working with Mayor Turner and my five colleagues on council and the broader community to create a vision for the rec lands in terms of fields, toboggan hills, etc.
MOVING DIRT – How great it is to see the progress being made on Westwinds where the new Catholic elementary school will go and Grandin where the new public middle school will go. Also, some work happening on the rec lands.

For the first time in ages, we’ve got more dirt moving around on town properties than on the rant and rave page.


Was good to see so many community members attending the service for Lucien Beaupre today and to see him honoured by the Lions, Legion and The Knights of Columbus St. Anne Council.
This afternoon I spent some time putting up signs and talking to people.

Not a lot of input or ideas received today; however, the rec centre came up as a topic over coffee with a resident – particularly the timeline for repayment.

RECREATION – As has been reported over the past number of months, the arena (which was an early Council decision for replacement) will be paid for in five years, the added field house opportunity likely over 10.

Another topic that came up was a pool – the costs of it and the costs of operating it.
As Mayor-elect Turner said in an interview, it is unlikely to happen in the short-term because of the costs Vs. our borrowing cap as a municipality.
Much time has been spent by several members of each Council (Sturgeon and Morinville) as well as staff to build a business case for a full regional centre so that when Federal/Provincial infrastructure money opens – we have a solid pitch to the government.

SHOP LOCAL – Farmers Market looked sparsely attended today but there were some good buying opportunities for those looking for stuff. East coast food (I bought cod), Honey (Bonnie loves it in tea), cupcakes, and lots of produce.
The market is on until 7 p.m.

POLITICIANS NOT THE ONLY ONES RUNNING – Through my day job, I got to see some of the Terry Fox Run that MPS students took part in today. So a shout out and thanks to them for that.

BACK AT IT TOMORROW – I’ll be back out tomorrow putting up signs and chatting at doorsteps.
If you’d like a sign or want to bend my ear, comment here.


Lots more signs out today. Thanks for the support.

Interview with Channel 8 – Thanks for that chance.

Taking the night off from putting up signs and knocking on doors because our Roseridge Landfill Commission meeting was postponed from last Thursday to tonight because many could not attend last week.

I’ll be attending tonight to continue the work that is going on there.

Back to signs tomorrow afternoon after I attend Lucien Beaupre’s funeral.

It is at 11 a.m. at SJB Catholic Church. Reception at the Legion to follow – for those wanting to say farewell.


Spent about six hours today putting up signs and talking to residents about their ideas and concerns.

Pretty wide range of stuff over the past few days: Recreation, traffic, defibrillators, the condition of trees we’re planting, derelict properties, vacant and undeveloped land, trailers and RVs in driveways year round, to be a city or not, and updating about road work in South Glens.

I think the coolest conversation was Monday night from a couple of polite young men who were trying to figure out what this Dafoe sign was about. When they understood it was an election, they asked if I was someone who could get them just a couple more amenities at the skate park.

This was not a long shopping list – just a couple of deficiencies.