Dafoe’s Platform in Brief

Not in order of priority

My Promise To Morinville

Same promise I made four years ago: I’ll be 100% committed to the job, I’ll communicate with residents and communicate residents concerns to Council chambers, and I’ll use common sense in all decision-making.

Commitment, communication, and common sense are the only promises any candidate can truly make.

Photo Radar

We have 14 months left in the contract.

Work I’ve done and brought to the table as amendments to policy include:

1 – Making all photo radar revenue used for traffic, pedestrian, and public safety initiatives.

2 – limiting photo radar operators to 15% of total time in any one location in any given month

3 – Ensuring the next council must discuss keeping, getting rid of our bringing in-house before a contract can be renewed.

Community Safety

One project that could be funded through photo enforcement revenue while we still have the program is adding curb extensions on 100 Avenue allowing motorists to better see crossing pedestrians and pedestrians a good visibility past parked cars.

Another program we should be able to fund through photo enforcement revenue while we have it is restoring the DARE program for no other reason than to familiarize our students with community peace officers.

Another community peace officer to provide some assistance to our reduced RCMP members. This could allow a more pro-active approach to traffic and pedestrian safety, and greater education and enforcement of our bylaws.

Continue to use funds to light trails as we have done with the Fish and Game pond trail and attached trail to 100 Street by the dog park.

Economic Development

I’m proud that we have added $15 million in new commercial assessment over the past term.

With the addition of Coal Creek and Westwinds Area Structure Plans we have allowed more commercial and light industrial business to be established creating tax revenue for the town and jobs for our residents.

Parks and Trails

We need to continue to connect our trail system so we can walk or bike to any part of the town from South Glens to the Lakes.

We need to continue to improve our parks amenities such as the recent addition of Frisbee Golf and amenities at Heritage Lake and the Fish and Game pond. Additionally, we need to get more amenities into our community neighborhood parks and find some creative ways to do so.


I am proud of the work Council and Administration has done to make a smoother and more efficient budget process that is open to the public at all steps.

Now we need to continue to find efficiencies in spending while maintaining key services as we grow.

It is something I’ve been strong on and something I’ll continue to do.

City or Town and Sense of Community

I say no to becoming a city at 10,000 – but yes to having lots of communication with residents about all options in the future that would best serve us.

As we grow – we need to work hard to maintain the sense of community that drew and keeps so many of us here.

We’ve done well so far over the past 11 years of heavy growth, but it will become harder. We must not lose that sense of a small town.


The plan we have in place to replace the aging arena and add a multi-sport and community use field house has been one I’m proud of and stand behind.

Our new arena will be paid for in five years, the field house likely over 10.

This puts future additions including a pool closer rather than further away.

BUT – a pool will not be possible without a larger tax base, major contributions from Sturgeon County, and other sources besides our residents’ tax bills.

I’ll continue to advocate for regional cooperation and leave no stone unturned to find ways to provide services for our residents.