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My Promise To Morinville



Stephen Dafoe was born in Belleville, Ontario in 1962 and spent the first 40 years of his life in that Town. Dafoe moved to Alberta with his wife in 2002 and lived in Hinton for the first four years. Soon after moving to Morinville he decided the next time he would move would be when they put him in a pine box.

Though he was worked in sales, as a professional magician, and a published author, Dafoe has spent his recent working years as a journalist. He worked for the Morinville Mirror and Sturgeon Light before starting The Morinville News in 2010. Now in semi-retirement, Dafoe is looking to spending more time serving the community.

Dafoe is a past member of the Morinville Public Library Board and served as Board Chair for two and a half years.

Council Appointments

Since being elected to Council, Dafoe has been Morinville’s Council appointee to the Northern Lights Library System, a 55-municipality library system. Dafoe has served on the executive for four years, been Vice Chair for two years, and is currently chair until May of 2019. As Chair, Dafoe has lead a committee that has rebuilt the system’s policies from scratch.

In addition to serving on Northern Lights, Dafoe sits on the following boards and committees:

Community Futures Tawatina Region
Roseridge Landfill Commission
Capital Region Board (alternate)
Capital Region Board Growth Plan (alternate)
Morinville / Sturgeon Intermunicipal Affairs Committee
Morinville / Sturgeon Intermunicipal Affairs Recreation Business Case Sub Committee

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